Thank God for LibriVox!


Thank God for LibriVox!  What is LibriVox, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you. LibriVox (meaning voice of the book in Latin) is an online site chalk full of books in the public domain recorded by volunteers.  It is how I get through the sewing day.  So far, I’ve listened to the first Waverly novel by Sir Walter Scott, Shirley and The Professor by Charlotte Bronte, A Memoir of Jane Austen by her nephew and The Watsons a fragment by Jane Austen, The Mysteries of Udolpho and A Sicilian Romance by Anne Radcliffe, Evelina, Camilla, and I am  currently listening to Cecilia by Fanny Burney.  The ability of the readers varies, and upon occasion they have been too theatrical for my taste, but, generally, they are very good and range from such countries as Sweden, India, China, New Zealand, England, and the U.S.  I have been particularly grateful and entertained to listen to these early works, since I have never seen them in any of the public libraries that I’ve scoured in search of books on tape.  I have long been a devotee to books on tape, a trait I inherited from my father while working in his wood shop doing tedious tasks.  I could never find the time to read all of these great novels while keeping up with everything else I am trying to accomplish, and they blend well with my own menial tasks such as sewing.  I am collecting a list of wonderful quotes and uses of words foreign to me and will post some of them at a future date.  What I will do when I’ve exhausted all of the pre-Jane Austen works, I don’t know.  I think I will have to volunteer to read one of them.


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