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The First Ever Cat Quilt


here is my first ever Cat Quilt!  You can think of it like a cat-pad or cat protector.  The purpose of it is to keep that constantly shedding hair and those incessantly stretching claws off your furniture!  The main thing I’ll be using it for is in my craft space to keep the quilts and piles of fabric free from molestation by my cats.  As all of us cat-owners know, cats are infinitely curious creatures.  They will smell, touch, and sit on anything new.  For me and my craft space, this meant that within an hour after leaving a project, I would find a cat or two (particularly this one, Wimsey) on whatever I had temporarily abandoned.  Often I am visited while working by a napping cat making himself comfortable on a pile of pencils and fabric.  In the interest of my products, something simply had to be done!