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Cutting Addiction


i have a cutting addiction.  Not what you might think though–I am addicted to cutting fabric.  The last two, three? days have been blur of fabric and the rotary cutter.  My boyfriend comes over, I’m surrounded by fabric in squares, strips, larger squares, zip-lock baggies indicating projects to sew, my calculators beside me as I factor how many strips and squares each project requires.  Nothing can stop me when in such a mood.  It’s not just about  being on a roll, it’s about cleaning, organizing, going through those stash piles and assigning a place for them.  Using the most variety of patterns for each project, while managing to go through the whole pile.  It’s about making room for other fabrics, other projects.  What a rush!  Hopefully a sewing addiction will follow shortly…


My First Sale


a couple of weeks ago I was inspired to sew my own watercolor brush holder.  I’ve been taking a watercolor course at the Worcester Art Museum and had been eyeing the various brush holders that everyone except me had.  Most of them were made of industrial-strength-looking canvas and to me appeared rather choppy and unartistic.  One of my fellow classmates had one made of bamboo which rolled up and was really very elegant of which I approved; another woman kept hers in an ordinary towel stained with many a year’s worth of paint.  The only case that really intrigued me was a soft plain white canvas one with a rounded flap edged in white.  Hmmm…

“Do you mind if I look at this?” I asked the woman sitting behind me quickly  approximating the size and shape and counting the number of brush slots in my head.  “I’m going to make one,” I explained, “I have just the fabric.”

The next week I sat down at my place as usual and took out my paints, water container, and the brush holder.  It felt conspicuously colorful to me and soon my classmate came up to me saying, “That turned out nicely; I love the colors.”  “Thanks,” I replied.   “Do you have any more?”

I had thought of this, and, seeing that I had enough fabric for two, had one in reserve. “I actually made two,” I confessed, “the other one’s at home.”  “I’ll buy it,” she said.  “I’ll bring it next week,” I said with a smile.

Money was exchanged; two parties were content with the transaction; and I had my first sale.